Links & Website Authority

A report on some of the key SEO indicators that search engines use to prioritize and rank your business in search results. The data in this section of your free SEO report is a combination of proprietary software and data gathered from our trusted partners and sources.

Search Rankings

A listing of your website’s current positions or rankings as they appear in the major search engines and their local properties; Google, Google Maps, Bing, Bing Local Yahoo! and Yahoo! Local. These rankings are based on a few of your most important keywords.

Local Business Listings

An audit of how your business is listed in the most important online directories. This list represents where your business is listed and how that information appears. The search engines rely on these directory listings to display accurate local search results to consumers.

Reviews & Ratings

A display of your business reviews as they appear on the most important review websites and directories. This list gives a report of your total reviews and the average rating you’ve received from real customers. Positive reviews greatly enhance your online reputation.

Google My Business

A report of important factors that benchmark your business against the top 10 ranked local businesses in your area. Listings from Google My Business show up in organic search results and on Google Map searches. Accurate and verified GMB listings are essential elements.

On-Site SEO

A detailed analysis of important On-Site SEO factors that affect your ability to rank high in search engine results pages. These factors include both visible elements such as content and images as well as code level elements that only the search engines see.

Social Channels

An examination of your business presence and popularity across the major social media channels. Social media is important, especially for local businesses, because it opens them up for more review opportunities and direct interaction with customers.


A detailed report of the page-level data associated with top pages on your On-Site SEO analysis. The appendix includes important information such as your page titles, meta descriptions, SSL status, page speed score and other details associated with high rankings in search results.

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